• Gregory Sharkey SJ

NYU Abu Dhabi in Nepal

In conjunction with RYI's Symposium 2017, Professor Jonardon Ganeri FBA, a great friend of Desideri House, brought a pioneering group of his New York University-Abu Dhabi philosophy students to Nepal for a short but rewarding intercultural immersion. The students had interactions with some of our visiting professors, including Jin Park (American University), John Dunne (University of Wisconsin) and Bill Waldron (Middlebury College). They attended a first-year philosophy class taught by a khenpo (monk-professor), followed by my on-site lecture at Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu's famous Shiva shrine, on Hinduism.

Pictured here with three of Pashupati's more photophilic Sadhus are Lirja "Lilly" Gjidija (trip supervisor), Daniel Mountcastle, Natalia Cruz Monjaraz, Casey Tirshfield, and Anita Duskova.

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